Packaging is a key part of every business. We reduce where we can but packaging protects the products we are selling – it’s a necessary part of our business. Our challenge is to reduce waste and use more earth-friendly materials while maintaining the aesthetic we’re known for.

By redesigning our packaging and changing the cardboards and inks that we use – as well as factoring waste of materials into the design itself – we have created much better packaging that still keeps our cakes beautiful and offers a backdrop for Insta-photographers.

Australia doesn't have all the options that countries with bigger populations have, not to mention that most local manufacturing businesses were priced out years ago, which means we deal with foreign companies. It is of the utmost importance that we can be sure our suppliers are not involved in illegal logging or environmental destruction.

We found the answer in international wholesalers, Pinnacle Packing. Partnering with Sydney Packaging meant that we could create our new bespoke boxes and have them in stores within months (shown above).

Made out of sustainably grown pulp, the new cake boxes are used in all our stores. No cardboard is wasted as they are cut from a single sheet and they are recyclable AND compostable.

The boxes are composed from eucalyptus and pine fibres from sustainably managed forests. We have ensured that our choice of provider holds the relevant environmental certifications (i.e. the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and does not have a record of anti-environmental activities (such as logging violations). 

The cardboard is unbleached which means that there are significantly fewer pollutants involved in producing our packaging, and less pollutants leaching out when they decompose.

Most packaging you see around is printed in CMYK – using four colours to create the design. We just use soya-based black (K) with about 50% coverage which means much less ink than standard packaging.

We are using our new boxes to communicate with our customers about the efforts we are making for the environment in the hopes of increasing their awareness about their impact on the planet as a consumer.

When you open one of our boxes you are met with a message on the lid. Here's the first:

Climate Change
It's a thing
We all have to do our bit to reduce, reuse and recycle.
Our boxes are now made from sustainably grown cardboard, are bleach free, use less ink and cardboard, and are fully compostable.
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