EARTHPOWER opened in 2003 and is Australia’s first food waste to energy plant. It utilises anaerobic digestion processes whereby bacterial microbes break down the biomass and turn it into biogas. Harnessing this biogas, EARTHPOWER are able to input electricity grid. The residual product from this process is dried to create a high quality organic fertiliser.  

BlackStar has just started supplying our kitchen waste to VEOLIA, the parent company of EARTHPOWER that ensures all food waste is responsibly harnessed as green energy. In a matter of weeks, all the food scraps from our Newtown location will be sent to EARTHPOWER. Separating food waste from your general rubbish can actually decrease your regular pick ups and the costs can balance out. 

We at BlackStar feel that it is a consumer responsibility to recognise the full life cycle of waste and wanted to witness first hand this outstanding process. We were welcomed by Business Development Manager and passionate greenie Renee Waterhouse for some real talk and a tour of the facility.

What we saw (and smelt!) were familiar wastes like grease and fruit moving through a process that is actually a lot less ambiguous than the diagram below depicts.
Inspecting the organic fertiliser and watching burnt off carbon evaporate invoked childlike enthusiasm from our Director Christopher Thé and confirmed that excitement about solutions is an important force behind deepening our green. It works to overwhelm any lamenting over humanity's industrialist road and negate questions of how much one small business with a lot of heart can really tip the scale towards a sustainable future. 

We were really inspired by this visit to EARTHPOWER and encourage any small businesses invested in their Green future to consider contacting EARTHPOWER