The day has finally come when we take a giant step forward in our sustainability efforts. As a high-volume patisserie that daily sells slab upon slab of our famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake, viennoiserie and other deliciousness, we knew that one of our greatest challenges in deepening our Green would be packaging.

We did our research and, after a few dead ends and culs-de-sac, put the challenge to local warehousing and supply experts Sydney Packaging. After stating our needs and unnegotiables (no bleach, minimal waste, sustainable forestry, etc), they found a provider who held the relevant environmental certifications (i.e. the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and one who is in no way affiliated with anti-environmental activities (such as logging violations). This company is called Pinnacle and they adapted some existing box designs to fit our requirements.

Designing on what is essentially brown kraft and making it still look good was a challenge for our long time design partner David Henley from Xou Creative. Chris gave him the direction of ‘you know those markings they put on battleships in World War II…’ and it went from there...

Check out the beautiful product we have created together; 

We have spent hours creating our new bespoke box. These boxes are made out of entirely recycled material (eucalyptus and pine fibres from sustainable manager forests) and are not only recyclable but compostable! So boxes with food scraps will be sent to generate energy through EARTHPOWER

Not only are our new boxes more eco friendly but they are slightly cheaper than our previous boxes, Sydney Packaging operate on a subscription model (which is good for cashflow) and as they are partially assembled we expect to save hours of staff time each week. So savings all round!

We recognised early on in this process that our ability to reach people needs to inspire discussion and direction. Inside our boxes will be key messages that will rotate as we grow.

The first;

Climate Change
It’s a thing
We all have to do our bit to reduce, reuse and recycle.
Our boxes are now made from sustainably grown cardboard, are bleach free, use less ink and cardboard, and are fully compostable.
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The boxes are currently in roll out over our three locations and our old boxes will be completely fazed out within two months.