The Paris Climate Pact is the first ever global, legally binding climate change agreement.

195 countries are working to develop a path to not exceed a 2°C degree rise in the average global temperature, with an aim for a more achievable 1.5°C rise. These countries are legally required to meet every five years to assess new technology and adjust their methods accordingly.

The recently unveiled NSW plan to reach zero emissions by 2050 is in accordance with the Paris agreement. It is one of the National Climate Action Plans presented by all countries involved to highlight geo-specific opportunities for research, growth and implementation. Countries voluntarily put up what they can do, with a focus on providing support to developing countries through consultation and examples. 

Transparency of reporting will include accounts of progress and setbacks to the public, governments and the UN —a sentiment reflected here on Black Star Green.

Held strong by themes of support, guidance and reporting, the focus of cooperation is a direct call to action for non-Party stakeholders, (like us!) to join the battle for planet Earth through implementing effective systems and inspiring public discussion.