What can we as individuals and small businesses do? We can set the trend and ensure that whomever is in power knows that we are taking action towards making our lives less damaging. We do not need to wait for our government to make change, if anything the job of a government is to regulate change and we must show them the direction we wish to go in. Our immediate impact may be small but if we can help establish methods and designs to make it easier for others, then we can hope that what we do will ripple out – creating lasting and widespread change.
Christopher Thé, Director of Black Star Pastry

Led by Christopher Thé, Black Star Pastry is working to become carbon neutral and find new ways of showing some love to planet Earth while still making some of the most beautiful cakes in town.

We’re addressing all aspects of the business – from Energy, to Packaging and Waste. To keep us honest and to offer ideas to others, we’re sharing what we’re trialling and what we learn – we will keep updating each page as we learn new things.