Welcome to the BlackStar Green Project.
Led by Christopher Thé, Black Star Pastry is trying to find and develop ways to make their business carbon neutral.

On this site you will be able to access the summaries of our findings and successes for each area for EnergyPackaging and Waste, and keep up-to-date with new developments and our PROGRESS through this journey.

We will share all the information we gather so that others may also try to reduce the ecological impact of their businesses without the headaches that we are going to go through in our efforts towards a sustainable business structure.

It's fantastic that COP21 reached an agreement to help move the world forward towards lowering emissions and halting overall temperature rise. The success of this agreement relies on each member country now putting their backs into it to make it happen.

What can we as individuals and small businesses do? We can set the trend and ensure that whoever is in power knows that our support means we are taking action towards making our lives less damaging. We do not need to wait for our government to make change, if anything the job of a government is to regulate change and we must show them the way.

Our immediate impact may be small but if we can help establish methods and designs to make it easier for others, then we can hope that what we do will ripple out and creating lasting change.